20 Things You Didnt Know about Lauren Alfonso!

Recreational Therapist




  1. What kind of music do you listen to when you work out? “Haddaway” Pandora Station (Disclaimer: I shall not be held responsible for any broken windows caused by the Roxbury “head nod”)

  2. What’s your favorite cereal? Peanut butter Crunch

  3. Your favorite place to travel? The Galapagos! Because of the sea lions and blue footed boobies!

  4. Where do you want to travel? Thailand

  5. Favorite tv show? Parks and Recreation

  6. Favorite Childhood movie? The Goonies!

  7. Last movie you saw? The Big Short

  8. What was your first job? Swimming Instructor

  9. If you could date any celebrity who would it be? Chris Pratt

  10. Favorite holiday? Halloween

  11. First concert? Backstreet Boys- Black & Blue Tour (best night ever!)

  12. Would you rather go to a Rave or a Costume party? Costume Party,
    and/or any decade party (70s, 80s, 90s,)- I’m so there!

  13. Favorite Disney Movie? Aladdin

  14. What did you want to be when you were a kid? A paleontologist… Yes, I was a big fan of Jurassic Park

  15. Would you rather bungee jump or sky dive? Sky dive

  16. What song title would sum up your life? “I Did it My Way”

  17. Would you rather walk down 100 flights barefoot or up 30 in heels?
    Barefoot- I avoid wearing heels as often as possible 😛

  18. MSU or UofM? It’s all about the U! (sorry Stella and any other MSU fans)

  19. What was the best gift you’ve ever received. A trip to the Galapagos and to Machu Picchu

  20. Favorite board game? Cranium


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