More often than not individuals and families with Spinal Cord Injuries (SCI) find it hard to make ends meet.  The day to day expenses associated with disability are much greater than what an average household might make.  Throughout the United States many foundations, nonprofits and charities exist to help ease the financial burden that so often comes along with a Spinal Cord Injury. Below we have highlighted a number of financial resources and grants available to individuals with a SCI.  Additionally we have listed a number of scholarships for students with a SCI.  Some of these are open to people with a variety of injuries/disabilities, however, the majority listed are specific to SCI.  Please contact our office should you need any assistance or more information on any of the opportunities listed in this article.


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The Bryon Riesch Paralysis Foundation:

Typical Charitable grants to individuals have provided home and transportation accessibility assistance to those living with mobility disabilities with preference going to those living with spinal cord injury.  Other adaptive equipment or computers are considered as well.
This foundation also offers 1-2K scholarships to individuals with neurological disabilities, or the child of that person.

Challenged Athletes Foundation’s Access for Athletes Grants:
Stepping in where medical treatment, rehabilitation and health insurance ends, Access for Athletes provides such equipment as adaptive sports wheelchairs, hand cycles, and mono skis.

CMMS Deshae Lott Ministries Quality of Life Grants:
CMMS Deshae Lott Ministries Inc works to help American citizens with severe mobility limitations maintain hopeful, purposeful, engaged lives by providing some financial support for medically-necessary home-healthcare services not covered by insurance, private or governmental, and not covered by any other non-profit organization. Funds have been applied to home modifications, travel expenses, medical equipment, etc.
The CMMS also has a postgraduate scholarship program to help fund care givers, medical equipment, and tuition expenses during a course of study at a graduate or professional school.

The David Lytle Memorial Foundation:
The David Lytle Memorial Foundation assists persons with spinal cord injuries in exploring opportunities they may not have realized were available to them.  Funds raised are used to provide support with such items as wheelchairs, walkers, and other devices.

Different Needz Foundation
Provides special needs individuals, families and organizations that support them with money to purchase medical equipment, therapy devices, adaptive toys and/or services.

The mission of Faith’s Hope is to assist families who are facing homelessness and poverty due to the long term illness or hospitalization of a loved one.  Faith’s Hope works with families to pay utility bills, car payments, purchase groceries, or help cover other costs these families may not be able to afford because of major medical bills.

Friends of Man
Helps people who find themselves in a situation where they have nowhere else to turn.  Possible coverage could include: Mobility equipment, Procedures, Basic needs, prescriptions, etc.

Kelly Brush Foundation:
This individual grant program awards grants to individuals with paralysis due to a SCI. The purpose of the program is to increase participation in adaptive sports and recreation activities and improve the quality of life for individuals living with SCI.

Modest Needs Emergency Fund:
Offers grants to low income but generally self-sufficient households who are struggling with an unforeseen expense.

The Ralph Braun Foundation:
An organization dedicated to assisting folks with purchasing mobility transportation equipment.

Ray Tye Medical Foundation:
Dedicated to funding in-hospital lifesaving medical treatment and surgeries for those who do not have insurance or other financial resources.

Repair and Rehabilitation Grant (age 62+):
Funds for individuals age 62+, who need home repairs or improvements to remove health and safety hazards, or to complete repairs to make the dwelling accessible for household members with disabilities.

Assists young people who have been injured while participating in sporting events or athletic recreation.  SCORE helps by assisting with the out of pocket expenses associated with obtaining the best medical care, home amenities and transportation.

Travis Roy Foundation:
Funds adaptive equipment for individuals with SCI.

Triumph Foundation:
Provides newly injured people Care Baskets which provide information and resources about the many organizations, assistance programs and activities that exist for individuals with and SCI.

Walking with Anthony
Provides financial assistance to individuals with SCI.

180 Medical-College Scholarship Program:
One time scholarships of 1k to High School Seniors or College Students with SCI who wish to pursue goals of higher education.

1800 wheelchair Scholarship:
Annual scholarship award to an undergraduate student.  Although not a requirement, special preference is given to individuals with mobility disabilities.

ABC Medical Scholarships:
Offering semi-annual scholarships divided into 3 categories: Adaptive Sports, Scholar Athletes, and Making a Difference.  Amounts vary and are awarded in June and December.

American Association on Health and Disability (AAHD) Scholarship Program:
The AAHD supports students with disabilities who are pursuing higher education.  Preference will be given to students who plan to pursue undergraduate/graduate studies in the field of public health, health promotion, and disability studies.

AmeriGlide Achiever Scholarship:
Scholarship offered to full time college students who use either a manual wheelchair, power wheelchair or mobility scooter.  $2,500 scholarship to help with tuition and books.  Additionally the school of the winning applicant receives a free swimming pool lift.

ChairScholars Foundation:
Provides scholarships for college or vocational training to low-income students with severe physical disabilities.

Through the Looking Glass:
Offers scholarships for high school seniors and college students who have parents with disabilities.

disABLED person Inc. National Scholarship:
Essay scholarship for disABLED college students.

Ethel Louise Armstrong Foundation:
The ELA Scholarship provides financial assistance to women with physical disabilities who are enrolled in a college or university graduate program in the United States.

Foundation for Science and Disability:
FSD has established a Science Graduate Student Grant Fund, which is available to 4th year undergraduates (who are disabled and have been accepted to a graduate or professional school in the sciences) and graduate science students who have a disability.

Incight Scholarship:
Provides scholarships for disabled students.  The only two requirements for application is that the applicant have a documented disability and that s/he be a full time student at any college/university/trade school, etc.

Inclusion Scholars Program:
AT&T and NAFEO have joined forces to launch this scholarship which provides funding to students with disabilities attending Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

Independence Foundation Scholarship
Scholarship of $500 will be awarded to 3 individuals with a noteworthy physical disabilitiy.

Just Walkers:
Provides a $1k scholarship for students with mobility disabilities.

Spin Life Innovation in Motion Scholarship Program:
Provides one $500 scholarship and is open to students who are manual or power wheelchair users enrolled at an accredited 4-year institution.

Ted’s Dream Scholarship Program:
From the Dream Society; covers living expenses while attending college/university such as: Personal Care attendant, Food, Utilities, etc.

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