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Alexis Schneider, MA, LLPC, CRC, CTRS

Lotus Life Counseling, Owner/Therapist

1106 N. Cedar St. (Suite 200B) Lansing, MI 48906

Phone: 720-500-5433 (LIFE) E-mail:



Favorite Quote:

That is a tough one as I have a thousand favorites and often recite them in my head daily. The one that sticks with me and I often reference it often in my office is “Live the Life you Love, Love the Life you Live” by Bob Marley. I explain to my therapy clients that despite all of life’s barriers and obstacles that to truly live the life you desire you must first LOVE.


Most exciting thing I have ever done…

Climbed a 4000 ft high mountain “North Fork Trail” in West Virginia which was a huge challenge and accomplishment since I was completely out of shape and NOT a skilled hiker.


Proudest Accomplishment …

Taking a Leap of Faith and jumping into entrepreneurship. I opened my own counseling practice “Lotus Life Counseling & Consulting” in the Fall of 2015. After working in the disability field for over 15 years and going through a cancer experience, I realized that there were not many experts in the field of disability and cancer let alone a survivor as well.


Why I decided to get into the profession of recreation therapy and then counseling…

I have always been passionate about helping others and knew my profession had to include a service oriented industry. I saw a flyer one day on campus that spoke to my heart (after being pre-OT and struggling with some of my math & science classes) and instantly knew recreation therapy would soon become my major. I was hooked as my creative abilities could really shine through in all aspects of my coursework then later in my career.


Favorite part of working in the rehab profession…

Being the beacon of hope to help individuals that are hopeless and ready to give up. I love watching my clients with significant disabilities grow and develop new coping skills, life skills, become independent and self sufficient in the community. Their progress and change gives me the greatest self satisfaction knowing that I helped steer them in the right direction to create an abundant life.


Favorite Recreational Activity…

Again as a recreation therapist it is impossible to pick only one as i pretty much love them all. Any outdoor activity including hiking, biking, swimming, boating, skiing. Also love concerts, community events, shopping and traveling.


Other Info about me, company, work…

Being a new business venture, Lotus Life is a constant work in progress spending lots of time networking and trying to brand myself. My services include individual and group counseling, support groups, wellness workshops, holistic health coaching, and essential oils consulting. Currently I serve as a state leader with the Young Survival Coalition and support group facilitator to young breast cancer survivors in the Lansing area. I am also huge community advocate and try to fill the gaps with programs / services to serve others. My newest project is creating a cancer survivors wellness workshop that will help teach others how to LIVE LIFE after cancer and will include an afternoon of holistic wellness, education and opportunities to connect with other local survivors. While I am building my business I also work part time at the Disability Network Capital Area as an Employment Navigator / Rehabilitation Counselor



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