Strive Recreational Therapy - What We Do

Strive Recreational Therapy What We Do page for people who want to know what we do

WhatWeDoAt Strive Recreational Therapy Services we are committed to enhancing the quality of life for individuals with varying disabilities and age groups. Strive provides groups and individuals with recreational therapy opportunities within their own community and serves those injured in auto accidents, injured in a work-related accident, seniors and anyone with a disability. Our services also greatly benefit the geriatric population, students requiring Individualized Education Plans, wounded veterans and organizations and businesses looking to increase their services to those with disabilities. Strive truly helps bridge the gap between what is learned in the hospital setting to the client’s own home and community.

Strive helps to advocate for individuals with disabilities as well as implement programs of interest, provide consultation and independently contract Recreational Therapists throughout Michigan and Florida. Both Strive Recreational Therapy Services and Strive Inc., its non-profit counterpart, have been successfully operating since 2003. We continue to offer many programs and services that are often lost once a patient returns home with their injury.

Our services may include:

Restoring – to previous life or work ability.

Remediating – to improve function and independence.

Rehabilitating – toward health and wellness.

Reducing – illness and effects of injury.

Eliminating – or preventing secondary issues, like: depression, re-hospitalizations, apathy, poor self esteem, obesity and many other issues…