Strive Recreational Therapy - What is Recreational Therapy

What is Recreational Therapy

Recreational Therapy offers its clients the skills and tools needed to function in society and increase one’s quality of life. Recreational therapists are healthcare providers who use recreational therapy interventions for improved functioning of individuals with illness or disabling conditions. Recreational therapy is a medical modality that uses therapy, in the form of recreation and education as a means of meeting one’s physical, mental, emotional and social goals.

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Many benefits may include:

Promoting Independence
Recovering basic Motor functioning
Reducing Depression
Improving Reasoning
Recuperating Body Mechanics
Building Confidence
Diminishing Stress
Moderating Anxiety
Boosting Coping Abilities
Refining Socialization Skills
Restoring Energy
Documenting Improvements and Reactions

Typical patient goals include:

Increase appropriate social interaction skills
Increase physical endurance
Increase in awareness of resources or adaptive equipment
Time management
Money management
Decrease frustration tolerance
Reduce impulsiveness
Increase gross and fine motor coordination
Demonstrate awareness of safety skills within community and at home
Increase active range of motion
Decrease depression

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