Strive Recreational Therapy - Locations

Strive Recreational Therapy Locations in Michigan, Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and other states.


Strive Recreational Therapy Services, Inc. has been successfully operating in Michigan since 2003. Founded out of a strong desire to assist the disabled population and help them achieve a better quality of life, Strive has serviced hundreds of satisfied clients and families. We continue to offer many programs and services that are often missed once a patient returns home with their injury.


Strive Therapy Services is our Florida entity that provides leisure and recreation opportunities for individuals with disabilities in Florida. Strive is an advocate for individuals with disabilities, as well as implement programs of interest, provide consultation and independently contract recreational therapy throughout the state of Florida.

New Jersey and Pennsylvania
Strive Therapy Services is proud to start serving the New Jersey and Pennsylvania areas in 2017 . Please inquire here for more information.

Please contact us for more details.  We may already be actively seeing clients in your state.